Go! Fight! Win! Beat Cancer!

On October 31, 2017, I was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a severe headache that imobilized me. After an emergency MRI, the doctors informed my family and I that a 33 milimeter tumor was found on the right side of my brain. A surgery was secheduled imidiatley and the doctor removed what he could of the tumor. The tests of the tumor came in on November 3 and it was deemed cancerous. I have been diagnosed with a type of brain cancer known as Glioblastoma. This is a highly malignant type of cancer because the cells reproduce so quickly. The recommended treatment is to first relieve pressure on the brain, and safely remove as much tumor as possible through surgery. Next, radiation and chemotherapy to slow the growth of tumors that cannot be removed with surgery. Because of how sudden this has happened, imidiate funding is needed to help me get on the road to recovery. This fund will help not only me but my family for it will keep me from my job and from doing what I love, coaching cheerleading. Thank you all that donate and I am determined to beat this!